About us

Primary non-profit institution of primary health care provide inpatient care and nursing and palliative care services to Kaunas county residents, that are paid by Kaunas Territorial patient funds. The institution's partner is Kaunas city municipality. Nursing and supportive care services can be funded by the PSDF for up to 120 days per calendar year, and palliative care services are provided indefinitely.

Currently the hospital has 257 beds, including 32 beds for palliative care. The Hospital employs 228 people: doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, masseurs, social workers. Other health care professionals can work on the administration's decision. Our institution has a spiritual assistant, med. psychologist, psychiatrist. The team of medical staff is assisted by volunteers. The work of the team also involves the patient's relatives.

The inpatient care and nursing care services include treatment, nursing, other minimum health care services / facilities for people of any age with chronic illness, with clear diagnosis of the disease and no active treatment and contraindicated medical rehabilitation. It is a minimal health condition sustaining service / facilities provided to the patient to maintain individual physical activity and, as far as possible, maintain the body's functional capacity.

Palliative care is care for non-incurable, progressive disease of a patient with a life-threatening disorder, and measures to improve the quality of life of its relatives, preventing suffering or alleviating other physical, psychological and spiritual problems. It is a branch of medical science and practice that cares for patients with advanced disease where the prognosis is limited and the purpose of the treatment is betterment of the quality of life.

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